Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Massage with Aromatherapy for Stress and Anxiety Relief

In today's technological world we use our eyes and ears to find and absorb information. We do this a lot more than our ancestors did and it takes it's toll on our system. Research also shows that people that are not regularly hugged or stroked by others, like folks in nursing homes, have a higher level of depression. Babies that are not touched regularly have emotional problems. One way to fill these needs is with massage. Aromatherapy combined with the massage can be a very relaxing experience. 

One of the important benefits of aromatherapy massage is that it provides a "time out" from the daily demands of modern life. This can help to relieve mental and emotional burnout and improves one's quality of life. Beautiful fragrances help to enhance this experience and can help improve attention and memory. In some cases it can help to overcome fears and phobias. 

The essential oils used in massage with aromatherapy are good for many things. For example, lemon balm and lemon grass have been scientifically studied and appear to stimulate the immune system and have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Juniper and cypress help to detoxify the body and stimulate circulation. Rosemary and pine help to relax tight muscles. Chamomile and rose help deal with emotional distress. 

The skin offers the largest and most effective way of absorbing the oils into the body. Massage with aromatherapy offers a lot for stress relief. The fragrances add to the experience and enhance it. With the help of these therapies the body can restore and rebalance itself and help to break the vicious cycle of anxiety and depression. 

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This blog was written and adapted  for Dori White, LMT  by Herbalist Valerie Lull, MH. To read Valerie’s blog ‘Simple Ways to Stay Healthy’ go to www.vallull.blogspot.com


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