Tuesday, June 9, 2015

 Massage with Aromatherapy

Did you know that massage is just what the doctor or chiropractor ordered? Sometimes it is what is necessary to have  healing occur. Scientific research indicates that massage therapy increases immune function, decreases stress levels, and reduces recovery time from many medical conditions. Massage can help a wide range of things from allergies to insomnia. 

Massage can be very relaxing and has been used for centuries. In recent times aromatherapy has been paired with massage to make an even greater healing experience. Clinically controlled scientific testing has helped us understand how aromatherapy works.

Massage with the use of essential oils has a double benefit. The scent of the oils is absorbed by the lungs and the oil is also absorbed through the skin to produce a healing experience. Aromatherapy and massage can restore vitality, help muscle aches and pains, ,relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive problems, and women's problems.These  include premenstrual syndrome and menopause symptoms. 

Aromatherapy is a field that is growing in popularity around the world.  Combining aromatherapy with massage is a great way to promote healing and relaxation. Your massage therapist can answer any questions that you have.  

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This blog was written and adapted  for Dori White, LMT  by Herbalist Valerie Lull, MH. To read Valerie’s blog ‘Simple Ways to Stay Healthy’ go to www.vallull.blogspot.com


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