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What to Expect After a Cupping Treatment

So you've been to the therapist and had a good cupping session. Now what?

Sometimes there are marks left after a cupping treatment. The reasons for these marks are described in different ways but basically they come from the underlying tissues having some stagnation of fluid movement of deposits of sludge and waste in the tissues. The waste comes to the surface during the treatment in preparation of removal through your lymphatic and flushing system. Usually the marks are worse after the first treatment or two as more and more of the waste products are removed the marks are lighter.

The marks are common if stationary cupping is used. When the cups are moved around it minimizes the intensity and duration of the marks. The marks usually fade anywhere from a couple hours to a few days. The marks indicate that the desired effect is taking place, i.e. the removal of stagnant waste.

If you choose, gentle exercise after the treatment is helpful after the flushing process and will aide removal of waste materials. Often pain is relieved almost immediately after a treatment. For four to six hours after treatment the patient should avoid strenuous activity, cold weather, ice, unpleasant hot environments and hot packs.. Cupping opens the pores of the skin so the absorption of liniments, analgesics, plant hydrosols or essential oils if used will have greater absorption and effectiveness. will be aided. Drinking extra water is helpful after treatment to help hydrate and cleanse tissue    

There are also times when cupping is contraindicated. Massage cupping is not to be used with excessive exfoliation. Clients must avoid exposure to excessive heat (shower, sauna, etc),cold or exercise after cupping sessions (for at least 4-6 hours). Clients should drink sufficient amounts of water subsequent to cupping sessions. Cupping must be used with caution with children, the elderly, diabetics and persons with varicose veins. Massage cupping should not be used on clients with: pace makers, electrical implants, low blood pressure, energy depletion (Exhaustion), or pregnancy.
If you think that Cupping Therapy might be beneficial for you, please ask about it next time you are booking your appointment
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