Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Deep Tissue Massage

Have you been a little too zealous with your spring cleaning? Have you discovered some muscle aches since getting back into your garden after winter? Perhaps deep tissue massage is what you need. Deep tissue massage is massage of the deep tissue structure of the fascia (connective tissue) and muscles. Deep tissue massage can release muscle tension and chronic knots. It is good for scar tissue from previous injuries; sometimes even eliminating them.

Muscles that are stressed hinder nutrients and oxygen from going where they need to go. This causes inflammation and allows toxins to build up causing pain and stress. Deep tissue  massage breaks up and releases toxins so the blood and oxygen can circulate throughout the body. Being properly hydrated is very important.

Some folk like to soak in a warm bath with Epsom salt after their massage. This helps get more of the toxins out of your body. For chronic knots, you also need to incorporate exercise, correct posture and relaxation techniques if you want to get the full benefit of your massage. Don't do any strenuous activities on the day you have your massage, do the exercise on another day. 

Deep tissue massage helps with chronic muscle pain and injury rehabilitation from motor accident injuries.It can also be helpful with arthritis and the related inflammation.

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